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Grief Support Meetings

Where and When:

Due to Covid 19 are meetings are currently being held:
The 2nd Tues of each month in person, the 4th Tues of each month via ZOOM.  For any questions please call:

501-351-7662 or 501-412-2629

What To Expect:

You are invited to attend our monthly support meetings. Our meetings are for ADULT survivors of homicide victims (family member or friend) and for professionals who work closely with those survivors.


Your first meeting may be the hardest but, when you meet the wonderful people who have had a similar tragedy, you will find comfort, non-judging support, understanding, and a safe place to share experiences and emotions.


You never have to speak if you're not comfortable doing so, and whatever is discussed remains confidential.​

We can't promise that you'll get all the answers you're looking for, but we can promise you'll be with other people who have walked in your shoes and will not judge. You won't be pressured to talk until you're ready. We'll get resources and information into your hands so that you can be informed. Central Arkansas Chapter of POMC will do our best to make sure that your loved one is never forgotten.

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